LGBTQ Persons’ Pregnancy Loss Disclosures to Known Ties on Social Media: Disclosure Decisions & Ideal Disclosure Environments

To be presented at CHI '21


First-Generation, Low-Income Students as Data Subjects in Higher Education Profiling and Prediction AI/ML Applications

To be presented at CHI '21 Workshop on Artificial Intelligence for the Margins


College Students' Use of Facebook: Examining College Generational Status, Social Capital, and Academic Implications

Honors Thesis submitted to the UCSB Department of Communication

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Animation and the Queering of the Body Genre in Big Mouth

Accepted to the Visions Film Festival & Conference in Wilmington, North Carolina

Published in UCSB Focus Media Journal

big mouth2.jpg

Auteur Theory in Relation to Black Women Filmmakers

Published in UCSB Focus Media Journal